Both Sponges Saturated Equilibrium

This would be a wonderful outcome.

Picture and isolated system. Lets make it a box with 100 meter sides. Put a long rectangular sponge close to the ceiling. Wait until it becomes saturated, then rotate the long side 90 degrees and let most of the water run out. We would have a hydropower.

Remember, sponges will suck up water to a certain height. If you can't picture this, soak a kitchen sponge, hold the flat side parallel to the floor. Then rotate it and watch most of the water run out. Put a thousand sponges up there, we would have a perpetual motion waterfall.

This final state would disprove the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

Try Again

What will the final moisture content of these two sponges be at equilibrium?


Sponge Equilibrium Test

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