No Change in the Moisture Content of the Sponges

For isolated systems (and fixed external parameters), the second law states that the entropy will increase to a maximum value at equilibrium. The minimum total potential energy principle is a fundamental concept used in physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering.

Now, lets suppose that neither sponge changes its moisture content. Intuitively, that seems impossible. Can you imagine opening an airtight ancient cave that has a pool of water in the middle. You enter the cave with your flashlight and see intact pottery bowls, discarded leather clothing and wood handled tools on dry ground. Can you imagine looking into the pottery bowls and finding just one full of water? Or, finding some dry and some wet pieces of clothing? Things tend toward the most probable state. It's entropy at work. Identical items reach identical final states in identical environments. They reach the most probable final state.

This final state would disprove the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

Try again

What will the final moisture content of these two sponges be at equilibrium?


Sponge Equilibrium Test

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