Intermediate Saturation Equilibrium

This is the tricky equilibrium and the one that will happen.

Let's divide the the final equilibrium into two possibilities. Over or under 50% saturation. If it's over 50%, we can simply use a the long rectangular sponge at the ceiling and make the perpetual waterfall. So, that leaves the last possible situation which is that the final equilibrium is somewhere between dry and 50% water saturation.

Will a sponge evaporate water in a 100% humidity environment?

Oh, it doesn't? Ok, so moisture content equilibrium is soaked. Remember, according to the 2nd law, things reach an equilibrium. So, you're saying that the perpetual waterfall is possible. You're saying that the 2nd law of thermo is wrong.

How can evaporation occur. the partial pressure of the H2O gas is less at the sponge than at the surface of the pool of the water. Another variable here is the shape of the meniscus of the water in the sponge poors. Concave on top, concave/convex on sides and convex on the bottom. But, we don't have to worry about the reason here. We know, that if the final equilibrium is soaked, then the 2nd law is wrong.

Ok, if the water in the sponge does evaporate then we can exploit this and create The Tilting Sponge Water Motor.

What will the final moisture content of these two sponges be at equilibrium?


The Tilting Sponge Water Motor(see scroll bar at bottom)

First, if you are focusing on the gravitational potential energy storage unit, forget about it. Simply imagine that the sponge drop lifts a weight on a ratchet, everytime it drops. Almost, 100% energy storage efficiency.

Secondly, if you think that my tilting sponge motor won't work, you're wrong. I shared my thoughts with a fellow thermo enthusiast, Theo, and he sent me this link:The sponge motor

My idea predates the bird by 20 years. But that is besides the point. My tilting sponge motor concerns the 2nd law of Thermodynamics and the bird didn't.

So, my machine does work. And I claim that if we put it in an isothermal, isolated system it will be the first perpetual motion machine ever made. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is wrong.

This final state would disprove the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

Try Again

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