About the Author

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. This is my second website about this subject. In early May 2016, I put up a website and shared it on a three science forums. I lasted one minute on one forum before I was kicked out for spamming. I lasted about 4 hours on another before being banned. On the third, it took a day and a half before being banned. On the last two, I got a few objections to my ideas but they were easily answered. So, the science forums didn't work. I don't blame them, because apparently, spam is a huge problem for them so they slash and burn. There was even one site that had been shut down because of the spam traffic.

I then searched for thermo blogs and shared my site with 3 blog authors. One, Theo, was helpful. Thank you Theo. But it definitely didn't launch my ideas. Then I emailed a handful of Thermodynamics professors, hoping that I'd get some response. I got nothing. I don't blame them, they are busy and the idea of a perpetual motion machine is nonsense. I understand, no hard feelings. I am on my own, ok.

So, back to the drawing board. I learned much more about HTML and reworked my website. Also, I learned a little more about thermodynamics, for example, I am adding the section on blackbody radiation.

I attended Cornell University for two years. I was taking thermodynamics and chemistry at the same time. Like any critical thinker, when I learned that the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics was an empirical law, I tried to to break it. I soon gave up, but soon after, I was reading my chemistry book. I was reading about water. I learned about it's bipolar nature and about the heat of evaporation. I thought, hey, that's Maxwell's Demon!

I came up with a capillary-evaporation method to exploit it and brought it to my thermo professor. We discussed it for an hour or two. He concluded by saying "I can't figure out why you are wrong, but you have to be. Make this your senior project(I was a sophomore)". I never became a senior. Decades later I finally decided to pursue this idea.

All this, to point out my limitations. So, if we communicate, don't use big words.


A relatively recent photo.